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Graciela Rodo Boulanger

Graciela Rodó is a Bolivian painter born in La Paz in 1935. She is noted for her artworks featuring stylized renderings of children. Pursuing her dream to be both a great artist and musician, Rodo soon found that time would not permit the necessary devotion to both her passions. At 22, she turned all of her energy to painting. She studied etching and printmaking along with René Carcan under Johnny Friedlaender in Paris.

She married a Frenchman, Boulanger, so that her public name became Graciela Rodo de Boulanger (Spanish) and Graciela Rodó Boulanger (French). In 1966, her artistic ambition began to be realized when she published her first editions of engravings and first exhibited in the United States. In 1979, UNICEF designated her official artist for the International Year of the Child poster, and two of her tapestries were presented in the hall of the UN General Assembly.

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Graciela Rodo BoulangerThe work on offer, entitled “Bergere” (Shepherdess), is framed and mounted in a museum style, between glass. Dimensions of the frame are 31.75″ x 39″, ; image, 22″ x 30″. It is a hand signed lithograph, number 98 of an edition 100. It has pleasing colours, most likely a watercolour, and is much more muted than shown in the photograph. The back of the work appears to be covered with a backing, so it is impossible to determine if anything is written on it without taking apart the frame.

Graciela Rodo Boulanger SignatureGraciela Rodo Boulanger Edition



Best Medicine

Best Medicine

Leonard Filgate is an artist of remarkable ability. His training came from life experiences, his own studies of the great masters and his diligence. His innate ability to bring canvas to life is pure magic, as witnessed by the wonderful images such as this. His art is loved and collected worldwide.

He is perhaps best known as the co-creator of the RIP SQUEAK® Brand, which gives him the greatest satisfaction. It may have been sparked by the childhood of his daughter, but it has continued because of his own love for the imaginary, happy world that he is painting. It has long been Leonard’s philosophy that art imitate the best in life, whether it be from reality or from deep within our imagination. 

Best Medicine

Best Medicine, by Leonard Filgate.

This work, entitled “Best Medicine“,  is a 15.5h” x 19.5″w signed giclée on canvas, number 281 of  an edition of only 395. This work is framed, and approximate dimensions are 19.5h” x 23.25″w.  It was purchased at Pacific Fine Art in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 2005. Certificate of Authenticity included with purchase.

Best Medicine Signature Best Medicine (framed) Golfer - back