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Bob Byerley (1941-2019) was an American painter whose specialty is internationally known for his realistic portrayals of children in nostalgic settings; settings that reflect his vision of a “kinder and gentler” childhood. Bob’s work is represented in many beautiful collections and can be seen in thousands of galleries throughout the world. This canvas transfer of an…

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Coronation of Gala

Coronation Of Gala

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a Spanish artist born in Figuera in Northern Spain. His artistic talent was noticed at an early age, leading to his acceptance into the Royal Academy of Art in Madrid. Best known for his later surrealist works, his art journey touched almost every style and media. Some of his early works…

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The Train Shop Window

Bob Byerley (1941-2019) was an American painter whose specialty was painting kids and memories of yesterday in Art Prints and Original Paintings for sale. In this painting a couple of little kids are looking into the front window of the towns Toy Train Store, painted in Artwork on sale painted by Bob Byerley “Painter of…

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Graciela Rodo Boulanger


Graciela Rodó is a Bolivian painter born in La Paz in 1935. She is noted for her artworks featuring stylized renderings of children. Pursuing her dream to be both a great artist and musician, Rodo soon found that time would not permit the necessary devotion to both her passions. At 22, she turned all of her…

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