We’ve travelled the world and visited many varied places over the years, exploring alternate lives and learning the history of each unique area firsthand. During that time, one of the things we most enjoyed was collecting little treasures along the way. We found many items that would remind us of a particular trip or had some other significance.  And we have enjoyed them all for years, but like most people, we have come to the point where we need to downsize, so with less space we need to find homes for some of our favourite items.

That’s what this site is all about. Look around, and you may find a special item or two that you like. And if so, it could be yours if you are interested. Mostly they are works of art or collectibles, but at some point there may be some electronics as well as other miscellaneous items added along the way being made available. It’s always sad to say “goodbye”, but we will be happy knowing that the things we have enjoyed for so long may also bring enjoyment to others for years to come.

So just check out our shop to see what is currently on offer, as well as some other items we are offering that may be of interest on our eBay store. We hope you see something you like – our treasures could be your treasures!

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