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Monday to Sunday

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Bob Byerley (1941-2019) was an American painter whose specialty is internationally known for his realistic portrayals of children in nostalgic settings; settings that reflect his vision of a “kinder and gentler” childhood. Bob’s work is represented in many beautiful collections and can be seen in thousands of galleries throughout the world.

Thursday through Sunday
Monday to Sunday,
by Bob Byerley

This canvas transfer of an original oil painting, Monday to Sunday, is No. 148 of a limited edition of only 500 which was published in 1994.  The image size is 24.25: x 32″.

Monday to Sunday, by Bob Byerley

The work has been professionally matted and framed in a beautiful Koa wood frame. Koa is perhaps the most ancient tree species in the Hawaiian Islands and has long been as a high quality wood, prized for its hardness, strength and resistance to water absorption. A certificate of authenticity will be included upon purchase.


Coronation Of Gala

Coronation of Gala

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a Spanish artist born in Figuera in Northern Spain. His artistic talent was noticed at an early age, leading to his acceptance into the Royal Academy of Art in Madrid. Best known for his later surrealist works, his art journey touched almost every style and media. Some of his early works are actually quite classical and excellently executed.

This original work, “Coronation of Gala”, is a hand signed limited edition (15/150) lithograph on arches paper, c.1976. The series is listed in “The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali“, by Albert Field and is immensely popular with collectors and are therefore difficult to find. Also known as “The Empress”, or “Gala, Empress of the World”, it was purchased in 1976 at Merrill Chase Galleries in Chicago and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is hand signed and numbered in white pencil on the image.

Image: 30″ x 21.5″.
Frame: 39.75″ x 31.5″.

This work is framed and behind glass, so please forgive any reflections or shadows in the photograph.

Dali, Coronation of Gala

Coronation of Gala, by Salvador Dali. Framed under glass.
Dali edition number

Painting is No. 15/150.
Dali Signature



The Train Shop Window

Bob Byerley (1941-2019) was an American painter whose specialty was painting kids and memories of yesterday in Art Prints and Original Paintings for sale. In this painting a couple of little kids are looking into the front window of the towns Toy Train Store, painted in Artwork on sale painted by Bob Byerley “Painter of Our American Childhood”. All prints have been hand signed by the artist.

“When I was a child, one of my most favorite things to do was to go for a ‘family walk’ after supper. Mom, Dad, my little brother and I would walk over to Broadway, our small town “business district“, and leisurely stroll the sidewalks looking in the storefront windows. Each of us had a favorite window. Dad liked the hardware store, Mom loved Hathaway’s Dry Goods, and my little brother would race ahead to the pet store windows and the cocker puppies. My favorite, by far, was ‘The Train Shop’. I would stand and gaze at the beautiful shinny locomotives on display and dream of a huge layout of my own that I would build when I grew up. My family would patiently wait up on the corner until my little brother would run back to pull me along to our final destination of the evening, Carter’s Ice Cream Shop. The chocolate revel was great but if I could have had my way I‘m sure I would halve chosen to spend those extra minutes looking through ‘The Train Shop Window’.” ~ Bob Byerley

Back of Train Store Window
Additional signature and seal on the reverse.

The Train Shop Window is a limited edition Giclee canvas print of an original oil painting published in 2005. The edition was limited to 295 impressions including 30 Artist Proofs, of which 3 Artist Proofs (17, 18 and 20) are available. Artist Proofs are perhaps the most valued of his collection because he did more on each one than just a signature. He enhances the canvas with oil paints just like someone at the studio does for the signed and numbered canvas, but he adds to it his own style, and of course they are in shorter runs to keep with tradition. Each item is signed and numbered, personally enhanced by the artist with signature on the reverse, having a 12″ x 16″ image size on a canvas of 17″ x 21.25″. They have never been displayed or framed and have been kept in climate controlled conditions, rolled in the original container since they were purchased in 2005 at a Pacific Fine Art Gallery in Kona, Hawaii.

Below are photographs of all three works (click to enlarge):

Train Shop WindowTrain Shop Window, Artist Proof No. 17/30, by Bob Byerley Train Shop WindowTrain Shop Window, Artist Proof No. 18/30, by Bob Byerley Train Shop WindowTrain Shop Window, Artist Proof No. 20/30, by Bob Byerley


Graciela Rodo Boulanger

Graciela Rodó is a Bolivian painter born in La Paz in 1935. She is noted for her artworks featuring stylized renderings of children. Pursuing her dream to be both a great artist and musician, Rodo soon found that time would not permit the necessary devotion to both her passions. At 22, she turned all of her energy to painting. She studied etching and printmaking along with René Carcan under Johnny Friedlaender in Paris.

She married a Frenchman, Boulanger, so that her public name became Graciela Rodo de Boulanger (Spanish) and Graciela Rodó Boulanger (French). In 1966, her artistic ambition began to be realized when she published her first editions of engravings and first exhibited in the United States. In 1979, UNICEF designated her official artist for the International Year of the Child poster, and two of her tapestries were presented in the hall of the UN General Assembly.

The above information is taken from Wikipedia. Read more…

Graciela Rodo BoulangerThe work on offer, entitled “Bergere” (Shepherdess), is framed and mounted in a museum style, between glass. Dimensions of the frame are 31.75″ x 39″, ; image, 22″ x 30″. It is a hand signed lithograph, number 98 of an edition 100. It has pleasing colours, most likely a watercolour, and is much more muted than shown in the photograph. The back of the work appears to be covered with a backing, so it is impossible to determine if anything is written on it without taking apart the frame.

Graciela Rodo Boulanger SignatureGraciela Rodo Boulanger Edition